Bellevue Warriors Baseball Club : Mission and More

Mission Statement

The mission of the Bellevue Warriors Baseball Club is to provide an opportunity for youth baseball athletes to participate in a program that offers the highest level of training and competition. The intent of our program is to provide a bridge to enable our middle school student athletes to advance to a high-level high school baseball program. At the same time, we intend to instill in our players a deep appreciation of the importance of their educations and in the value of community service.

More about the Warriors

The Bellevue Warriors teams are select baseball teams providing superior coaching and training facilities for baseball athletes in our community. Our teams are intended for those players who desire to play baseball in high school and beyond. It is for those players and families who share our values and have decided to commit to baseball as their primary sport, who care deeply about improving their skills, desire to compete at the highest level, have exceptional sportsmanship, and who are ready to be part of an intense year-round baseball program. Players on the Warriors will commit to baseball practices, games and related activities over other athletics, starting with our winter workouts and continuing through the Sandy Koufax regular seasons, summer tournaments, and Fall Ball. We will play approximately 50-60 games.

The Bellevue Warriors Baseball Club is a non-profit organization formed by families in the greater Bellevue area. The club has been recognized as a public charity under IRS Code 501(c)(3). 

We provide a rich, year-round baseball experience for our players and their families.

Age Requirement: A players age is determined by current age on May 1 of the League season. Note: Players who are younger and advanced in their baseball skills and physical development are welcome to try-out for any of our teams; players will be asked to participate at the level determined by coaching staff and parents wishes.

If you have questions, feel free to send email to Thank you!

Warriors Baseball

The Warriors baseball program will challenge talented and motivated student athletes to become superior baseball players. The attitudes, skills, and teamwork Warriors develop will provide a solid foundation for high school, college, and professional play. The Warriors program is more than fitness and skills. It is a set of values our players demonstrate both on and off the field. Those values are: Honor, Pride, Courage, Commitment, Accountability and Respect.

The Warriors program attracts players from across the Eastside of King County. Practices will be located central to this area, typically in the Bellevue, Issaquah, North Bend/Snoqualmie and Redmond areas.

Fitness and Skills Development Program

Warriors development is a year-round program. This program starts in the Fall with a limited game schedule to build the chemistry of this new team and assess player skills and fitness. During this phase we will set individual fitness and skills goals and develop a training program to meet those goals. By mid-Fall, our skill development and training program will be well underway.

The Winter program focuses primarily on fitness and secondarily on skills development. The program we will be using is adapted from the same programs professional players use for off-season training. As Spring draws near, we will transition back to skills development while moderating the emphasis on fitness.

Spring brings a sharp focus on baseball skills and a return to scheduled games along with scheduled practices. These games will prepare Warriors for the highly competitive play of the summer.

The Summer season will consist of practices, week day games, and weekend tournaments against some of the most competitive teams in the region. The Warriors will see the benefit of competition and the value of the previous three season's hard work.

Warriors Philosophy

Warriors baseball is committed to the development of the student athlete with the intention of providing our players with the tools and experiences they need to succeed in High School, College, and Professional baseball.

We believe that how baseball is taught and played is as important as the outcome of a game, tournament, or season. In this way, baseball can be competitive and at the same time teach skills that benefit the student athlete on and off the field. Warriors value Honor, Pride, Courage, Commitment, Accountability, and Respect.

Honor: honesty, fairness, or integrity in one's beliefs and actions. Warriors play fairly, having integrity on and off the field. They believe in themselves and the team.

Pride: a feeling of self-respect and personal worth. Warriors take pride in everything they do. They have confidence in all their actions.

Courage: "the ability to confront fear, pain, risk/danger, uncertainty, or intimidation" Warriors succeed by examining their mistakes, planning for success, and executing those plans. Baseball is a game of failure. For this reason, it is a great forum for teaching these skills.

Commitment: to duty or pledge to something or someone. Warriors commit to something bigger than themselves. They contribute their hard work, time, and ability to the team.

Accountability: The obligation to demonstrate and take responsibility for performance in light of agreed expectations. There is a difference between responsibility and accountability: responsibility is the obligation to act; accountability is the obligation to answer for an action. Warriors are responsible for their own actions and do not blame others for undesirable outcomes. Warriors look for opportunities to take more responsibility and for higher levels of accountability.

Respect: an attitude of admiration or esteem. Warriors earn the respect of their team mates, coaches, officials, and competitors by demonstrating the Warrior's philosophy on and off the field. Warriors treat coaches, officials, players and parents with respect.

League Affiliation

Sandy Koufax and Mickey Mantle (15U)

Field of Play & Rules

  • Play is on 80' base paths with a 54' pitching distance for 13U. 90' and 60'6" for 14U and 15U.
  • The rules are similar to major league baseball (e.g., lead-offs, dropped third strike).
  • Batting line-up usually consists of the 9 active players in the game and 1 optional designated hitter and 1 optional extra player.
  • Substitution rules allow for a starter to re-enter a game; substitutes may not re-enter a game once removed.

Estimated Fees The total estimated cost for our season is $2,800. (This does not include travel-related expenses for out-of-town tournaments.) This amount will vary depending on our sponsorships and fundraising efforts. Players who are selected to be on the team will be required to make a non-refundable $500 deposit following tryouts to secure their spot. The remaining fees will be collected quarterly.

Playtime and Roster Size

The Coaching Staff believes players need game time experience to improve. Players can expect relatively equal playtime provided they demonstrate full commitment to the team, demonstrate a strong work ethic, exhibit exemplary sportsmanship and show a passion for improvement. The plan is to carry up to 13-16 players for the season on each team. SELECT BASEBALL is a perform to play situation.

Parent Expectations

Warrior parents are to understand that this program is focused on the overall development of their student athlete. The success of this program is dependent on their support along with that of the other parents, players, coaches and Warriors board members.

Parents will be given opportunities to volunteer their support in a variety of ways throughout the season. Parent participation in these projects is highly encouraged and is vital to the success of the Warriors program. Parents will also understand that the success of the team is dependent on the continuing development of their student athlete. Participating at this level of play requires commitment to attend all practice sessions, games, and tournaments. It also requires reinforcement of the Warriors Philosophy both on and off the field.

Player Expectations

Warrior team members understand that Warrior baseball is a privilege granted by their parents. Loss of this privilege has consequences for your teammates and violates your team commitment. Warriors team members also understand that Warriors baseball is their primary sport. They show commitment to the team and respect for their teammates and coaches by arriving rested, alert, and ready to play at the scheduled meeting time for all practices and games.

Warriors commit to baseball excellence by practicing and playing to the best of their ability and continuing to set and achieve higher goals. Warriors exhibit the Warriors Philosophy both on and off their field.

You are a Warrior when:

You have the tools necessary to be successful on and off the field.

You understand the fundamental aspect of failure and how to learn from your mistakes.

You have the courage to fight any battle whether it is big or small, tough or easy, double play or final.

You commit to something greater than yourself. You have pride in triumph and defeat.


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